Brief of Major Projects

Pictures of our several projects, which Been implemented during the last few years and a detailed explanation of each project.

 work of T.R & Cables .                       


Work carried out by the cable company Orbit and everything related to the cables (H.V+L.V)
1 - supply and installation of all types of electrical transformers
2 - supply and installation of power cables (H.V + L.V)
3 - Search for any malfunction in the cables under the ground by a competent organs
4 - work in  Joint H.V + LV cable & Shifting 


work of testing


1 - Test transformers        

2 - Test Packet. Unit


3 - Test sub-stations


4 - Test the M.D.B
5 -Test the S.M.D.B
6- Test Cable roa

7- Termination cable
8- Drilling and installation of cables





United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi