Brief of Major Projects

Pictures of our several projects, which Been implemented during the last few years and a detailed explanation of each project.

air conditioning        


1 - the design phase:    

After completion of the architectural design and construction of the project to be adapted to be initiated in the design of air conditioning and be the first stage and the most important stage of the design is to calculate the thermal loads of the project and preferably calculating the loads in the use of computer programs such as, for example (Hap 2.40, Block load). After the thermal loads are calculated is determined the size of the machines required for the building.
Upon completion of the thermal load calculation and determine the size of the machines required for the building will be started in the design of air ducts (Duct) where the size depends on the amount of sewage that the area to be cooled and you must make sure duct design as appropriate. He notes that a building suffers from the problem of high volume in the duct (Duct), as well as bad in the distribution of cooling where you find a difference in temperature in the building per The reason for this is poor design and not to distribute the air in the ducts (Duct) as appropriate.
After completion of the design plans must conform with air-conditioning schemes Drawing other civil and electricity vibratos no conflict of these schemes and so the project is completed in the best picture.
2 - the implementation phase:

A - the stage of adoption of the articles:

The first step and most important step in the stages of implementation is the stage of adoption of the articles must know specifications of materials used in the formulations prior to the agreement because the price depends on the specifications of these materials often find the ads are cheap relative to companies, air conditioning and I was at the question in the specification of materials you find the worst material and thus we find that the prices of cheap relatively compared with the market. It is believed many people in the implementation of the air-conditioning materials are relatively cheap they are saving money for I do not know that this way they will, regardless times the amount that was provided by the ongoing maintenance of air conditioning as well as due to the discharge of acute electricity and found that if the installation of air conditioning use in high specification and thus amounts more regular use of standards will be the first beneficiary is the owner of the project because they will provide maintenance and operational costs (Operating Cost).

B - the stage of installation:

1 - After you have completed the manufacture of air ducts in accordance with the dimensions of the existing schemes of the Executive and in coordination with other work (construction, architecture, electricity, health, fire) are installed boxes painted wood frames after the insulating material of the moisture in the places specified on drawings. It must be wood frames of wood good, clean and of a kind that allows the installation and dismantling of bolts easily done. And when you're pouring concrete, wood and concrete after decoding the project is ready to install the duct (Duct).

2 - is the manufacturer of the suspension pieces duct on the corners of the props are made of painted metal to rust-proof material and takes into account the thickness, quality and spacing between the suspenders.

3 - After completion of the loading duct campaigns are linked between them through the link and call this method of collection. There are two ways in the collection are:
· Pocket way Joint. (POCKET JOINT)
· How Allot-S. (U S JOINT)
And use the first method if the sizes used in the process of collecting duct sizes large and the second method used if the sizes are small.

4 - After the completion of the collecting duct is cut sheet with the provisions of the development, some toothpaste on the iron binding sites between the cans so there is no leakage of air from the duct.

5 - After completion of all previous stages are placed thermal insulation around the duct and the install paint the duct with an adhesive and then wrapped thermal insulation around the duct and is positioned corners of tin in the corners of ductwork above the heat shield to protect him when wrapped wire galvanized and vary the thickness of the separation and density depending on the nature of the use of the building.

6 - are covered beyond the duct me to the building of the separation quality of different saluting the density and thickness to be greater than the quality of the insulation used inside the building due to exposure to sunlight and weather conditions. The recommended insulation density 48 kg and a thickness of 2 inches.

7 - When installing a false ceiling leave the premises of the entrances and exits of the false ceiling and the air is then installation of the entrance to the entrances and exits of the air of places that are left to prove and the false ceiling openings with entrances and exits of the air streams sheet. For places where there is no false ceiling is installed entrances and exits of the air through walls installed wooden frames for this purpose.

8 - After you have completed the work of the separation of air streams emerging from the building and related air-conditioning machine is covered for protection. There are two ways to cover:
· Coverage by cement.
· Coverage by aluminum.

9 - In the development of machines on the rules on the insulator surfaces are placed between the air-conditioning machine and al-Qaeda cell to prevent the transmission of vibrations to the floor connected to al Qaeda and recommended insulation thickness of 2 inches.

10 - After connecting duct emerging from the building air-conditioning machine by special quality of the cloth in order to isolate the vibrations coming out of a machine and not transferred to the air ducts and air filter are installed exile (FILTER) in place, whether in the air ducts or in the machine.

11 - are in some ductwork installation of the electric heater to the air (DUCT HEATERS) inside the air ducts on the surface of the heating in the winter.

12 - must be connected to the electricity entering the air-conditioning machine connections especially in the form of a flexible Pipe in order to absorb the vibrations of the machine. And is connected pipes discharge water into the machine by the machine and Hose Pipe drainage to prevent the transmission of vibrations of the machine to the pipe.

13 - is when you finish all the work of installation of air conditioning is installed key operated air-conditioning (THERMOSTAT) The correct position of a thermostat, which increases the effectiveness of air conditioning is to be away from the exits of the air and close to the holes reflux (Return Air Diffuser) and takes into account the control air-conditioning on the desired degree and the air inlet at its farthest from the machine that might be high and 150 cm from the ground (place of).

14 - Finally, we supply the machines to run air conditioning after the screening tests and the examination of the cooling period from 30 May to 15 September and examine the heating in the period from early December until February 15.







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