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Orbit International Corporation. Is one of the group of companies. Back to the same owner. Is Mr.  Ahmad Mohamed Jaryou  Al Falahi 

1- Companies and factories Hanza of Petro Chemicals.          ( Abu Dhabi )
2- Zaker Company for Trading & Building Materials.                (Abu Dhabi )  

3- Union General  Contracting & Maintenance Establishment  (Abu Dhabi )

4- orbit international for electro mechanical & plumbing Con.   ( Abu Dhabi - Alain        
Since the company was founded Orbit World. In 2003 she joined with that group. For a spin in the orbit of the United Arab Emirates. And launched a strong start. The project began in the middle even become one of the most powerful companies. And compete for the biggest  companies at all. In terms of high efficiency and speed of work accomplishment. We have a crew working for emergencies only on the clock.



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