Brief of Major Projects

Pictures of our several projects, which Been implemented during the last few years and a detailed explanation of each project.


Interior Electrical work

Electrical Work                    

Our organization offer complete solution of electrical works like planning, designing and establish complete electrical circuits in construction areas including Villas and towers, commercial and other sectors, we offer high quality electrical accessories. We provide superior quality electrical wires for establishing electrical switches and connection throughout entire dedicated area.

We provide all types of Interior Electrical Work that includes commercial, Industrial, domestic and many more. All our services are executed by professional also provide these   service with in the committed time frame. Furthermore our services are availed at an industrial leading price range.

All internal wiring of wires and pipes. Motherboards and sub-specifications are identical to the consultant. And approved by the Abu Dhabi Company for distribution. No installation of any material at all. Are not supported.
As for the cables. All cables are put within the pipe. Made of plastic and high pressure. Unbreakable. And size of pipe diameter according to the cable.
All cables can not pass through farmland. Be adjacent to the fence of the villa. Far from the driveway. Or heavy equipment.









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